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Like many garden designers I came into it late after being made redundant in my mid forties. This gave me a chance to reassess how I wanted to live my life and thus I was able to move in a slightly different direction.

I had worked for twelve years as an architect with the BBC designing radio and television studios, a very high pressure job which I enjoyed. However being made redundant allowed me the time to reassess how I wanted to work in the future.
I have always enjoyed working in my garden and growing a wide range of plants so I decided to work in horticulture. I did several RHS garden courses: the General, Advanced and Diploma in order to get a good basic grounding and since 2009 have been working as a garden designer.

I work closely with the clients to understand how they wish to use the garden and what level of maintenance they wish to do. This should lead to a design they are happy to proceed with. My architectural background enables me to design and detail a wide range of hard landscaping and run a contract with builders for the construction. I am able to source and plant up the new garden, either on my own or with colleagues if the scope is large.