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Rosewood Way

A relatively small two storey extension in Farnham Common is now watertight and the scaffolding coming down. Working with Local builders results in a great quality construction and fantastic value.rosewood

Sherbourne Walk

This is a project to extend this house in Farnham Common both to the front and rear. The external scaffold is now down and the building watertight.
The scheme adds significantly to the original house and was negotiated with the Local Authority on the first application sherbourne

J&J Keepsake

This keepsake box was built from timber that the new owners father had collected over the years. It is made totally from wood including the hinges. See more hereJJKeepsake14

One Pin Lane

The extension on One Pin Lane is now complete externally.
The scheme replaced an old garage with a granny annexe and garage workshop.
The planners liked the idea of balancing the main elevation of the cottage with a pitched roof.glenthorne