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We have been commissioned to design a very interesting extension project in Beaconsfield. As always we insist on a proper detailed dimensional survey and that is underway at the moment. As soon as that is back we will be straight into designing.

Expect to see more news about this scheme here soon.

Orchid Stand

The orchid stand design is pretty much there and the timber on the way. The idea is that there is a removable Walnut top that doubles as a shelf when the stainless steel lined jardiniere is being used. The commission is for a matching pair together with a higher single matching stand.

All in american white oak and walnut.

Orchid Stand1Orchid Stand2Orchid Stand3Orchid Stand4

Burry Elm

We have just taken delivery of two fantastic burr elm boards from Lanarkshire, They are being prepared to be made into a few very special boxes. the sort of thing the Hobbit would have.
They wont be cheap (nothing worthwhile ever is!) but if you fancy commissioning one and getting to see it progress from a bare piece of wood to your own specifications, give us a call. They wont be around for long as timber like this is very hard to find.

Heirloom Box

The tiger heirloom box is finished with its maple tray. Made from reclaimed mahogany and tiger wood hinges. Click for more pictures

Plant Stands

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 17.38.22Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 17.40.03
some initial designs for a set of plant stands to display prize orchids

Fruit Cages

Today the we planted up the fruit cages at Orchard House. Raspberries, peaches, nectarines, black and white currants.
The garden, newly created last year, is now springing into life.R0017524

New Designs

Early stage sketches for a new project. Click the RSS feed and you will be able to keep updated with progress.Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 10.31.32

Tiger Box

From the same salvaged timber as the J&J keepsake this box with flamboyant tiger hinges is under construction.Tigerchest