Windrush Designs Creativity as standard..

Skeletons in the cupboard

The jewellery chest is nearly finished.

here are some sneak previews

skeletons in the cupboard02skeletons in the cupboard07skeletons in the cupboard06skeletons in the cupboard08skeletons in the cupboard01

Cabinet work

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 15.41.46New cabinet on the way

Hobbit Boxes

R0017868These boxes are being crafted for a gallery exhibition in London. In some very interesting woods. If you are looking for a very special present, a keepsake, then these will be for sale in a couple of months time.
We will post details of each box when all the trays and velvet linings are finished.


The summer honey crop is ready. So if you would like some local honey do drop round.R0017865


Planning Permission Granted for substantial proposals to extend a detached property in Beaconsfield.
The scheme increases the size of the house by around 50% and was granted on the first application.Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 2Pasted Graphic 3

Park Lane

A new house for £250k in Tottenham.

Yes that’s right.on the site of a lock up double garage this three story residence was won at appeal and constructed on 8 months.WWTN 88 St Pauls Rd Bedroom1 (2)WWTN 88 St Pauls Rd Bedroom1 (3)WWTN 88 St Pauls Rd Exterior (1)WWTN 88 St Pauls Rd Kitchen (1)WWTN 88 St Pauls Rd Shower room

Heather's Table

Heather’s table is made from oak, hard maple and walnut and has just gone off to live in Lincoln. Bye....

New House

Photograph from today’s site visit of this new 3 storey house built on the site of a double garage.
Completion is due in 3 months time.


3D Visualisations

Initial visualisations for one of our schemes which is on the drawing board at the moment.
Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 12.08.36Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 12.06.31Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 12.05.07

B&J's Jardinerres

Here are the completed plant stands ready to be delivered.
Just awaiting the stainless steel trays which sit under the removable top which transforms into a shelf when the pieces are used for displaying prized orchids

B&D Bench

B&D Bench
Another project for one of our landscape Clients. In the shop at the moment.

Marlands Road

A bit out of the locale this one!

We are putting together a specification package for improvements to this house in Essex, including external insulated render and window replacements. A general improvement package to cure damp and improve thermal efficiency.

It just goes to show we travel far and wide!


We have been commissioned to design a very interesting extension project in Beaconsfield. As always we insist on a proper detailed dimensional survey and that is underway at the moment. As soon as that is back we will be straight into designing.

Expect to see more news about this scheme here soon.

Orchid Stand

The orchid stand design is pretty much there and the timber on the way. The idea is that there is a removable Walnut top that doubles as a shelf when the stainless steel lined jardiniere is being used. The commission is for a matching pair together with a higher single matching stand.

All in american white oak and walnut.

Orchid Stand1Orchid Stand2Orchid Stand3Orchid Stand4

Burry Elm

We have just taken delivery of two fantastic burr elm boards from Lanarkshire, They are being prepared to be made into a few very special boxes. the sort of thing the Hobbit would have.
They wont be cheap (nothing worthwhile ever is!) but if you fancy commissioning one and getting to see it progress from a bare piece of wood to your own specifications, give us a call. They wont be around for long as timber like this is very hard to find.