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Chartered Architects will supply you with much more than just the drawings for your project, whether it is a design for your home or your business or a master plan for future developments. Your architect’s skills are not only relevant to a building project but may be applied to related issues, including such diverse matters as strategic planning for a property development company and the design or selection of furniture and fittings.

An Architects training takes 7 years and the title Architect is regulated by Central Government. Architects practising in the UK who are registered with the ARB and are also chartered members of the RIBA are entitled to describe themselves as ‘Chartered Architects’ and to use the suffix RIBA after their name.

To provide “Architectural Design Services” and the like requires no training, is not regulated and does not require professional insurance.

You would expect that whoever works on your body to be qualified in medicine so would you not expect that whoever advises you in respect of your house to have the appropriate professional training? .............or is it not
really that important?